Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This web page provides appendices and data for 4 publications by William Davis, Bob Figgins, David Hedengren and Daniel Klein.


Specific tables for papers:

Figures and Tables for William L. Davis, Bob G. Figgins, David Hedengren and Daniel B. Klein (2011),  Economics Professors’ Favorite Economic Thinkers, Journals, and Blogs (Along With Party and Policy Views)”, Econ Journal Watch. 8(2): 126–46.
Figures and Tables for Daniel B. Klein, William L. Davis, Bob G. Figgins and David Hedengren (2012), Characteristics of the Members of Twelve Economic Associations: Voting, Policy Views, and Favorite Economists”, Econ Journal Watch 9(2): 149-162.
Figures and Tables for Daniel B. Klein, William L. Davis, Bob G. Figgins, and  David Hedengren (2012), “Most Economists Favor Ideological Openness”, The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy. 17(2): 227–231. 
Figures and Tables for Daniel B. Klein, William L. Davis,  and David Hedengren (2013), Economics Professors’ Voting, Policy Views, Favorite Economists, and Frequent Lack of Consensus”, Econ Journal Watch 10(1): 116-125.

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